Выставка Хоана Миро @ Altmans Gallery, Москва [с 23 мая по 25 июня]

Выставка Хоана Миро

- 25
11:00 - 22:00

 Страница мероприятия
Altmans Gallery
Новинский бульвар, 31. ТДЦ Новинский, Moscow, Russia, 123242
23 мая 2018 года Altmans Gallery открывает выставку Хоана Миро, посвященную 125-летию со дня рождения легендарного каталонского художника.

Миро – художник, скульптор, керамист и график, чьи работы представлены в лучших музеях по всему миру. Миро черпал вдохновение в повседневности: в его работах она становилась подобной доселе неизвестному миру, где царствуют поэзия и мечта. Хоан Миро говорил: «Мне нужна отправная точка, будь то пылинка или луч света. Этот образ создает множество других, порождающих в свою очередь все новые. Так, простой кусок веревки может стать толчком к созданию целого мира».
Именно она – «отправная точка» Хоана Миро – стала мотивом и источником вдохновения для предстоящей выставки в ме… ждународной галерее первых имен Altmans Gallery.

На выставке будет представлено около 20 литографий знаменитого сюрреалиста, которые относятся к позднему периоду творчества художника, начиная с 1960-х годов.

Выставка «Отправная точка» пройдет в Altmans Gallery с 23 мая по 25 июня при поддержке Института Сервантеса.
Стоимость входного билета – 300 руб.

Ждем вас по адресу:
Москва, ТДЦ Новинский, 2 этаж
Часы работы: ПН-ВС с 11:00 до 22:00
Тел: +7 495 797 20 77



Altmans Gallery opens the exhibition of Joan Miro`s art dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the legendary Catalan artist on May, 23, 2018.
Miro is the artist, sculptor, ceramist whose works are presented in the best museums around the world.
Miro drew inspiration from everyday life – it became the same as the unknown-before-world in his works, where a poetry and a dream dominated. Joan Miro said,”I need an inception whether it`s a speck of dust or a ray of light. This image creates many others that create all new in their turn. Thus, a simple piece of rope can be a boost for the creation of the whole world.” This bright, world-creating inception by Miro is the key to understand his creativity which had the beginning from the inception that leaded him to the unstoppable imagination. It is the Joan Miro`s “inception” that has become the theme and source of inspiration for the upcoming exhibition at the international gallery of the first names Altmans Gallery.
The exhibition will show about 20 lithographs of the famous surrealist that related to the late period of the artist`s activity since the 1960s. During this period, Miro continued to experience painting and graphic techniques constantly questioning them in their works.
“I work hard, I go to the art of the concept, using reality as the inception, but not as the final destination”, said Joan Miro.
Miro constantly asked himself the questions and he sought the answers. They could have changed over some time, however, it is impossible to tell about a simple repetition. Joan Miro was not just an artist but also a sculptor, engraver, lithographer, ceramist. The world of this artist is the world of poetry born by hard work. Miro always drew with perseverance, paying attention to any detail, firstly, making sketches that, after, were embodied in his paintings.
In 1920, Miro moved to Paris, where he met Pablo Picasso. «Initially, Picasso was, of course, a low-key, recently, having seen my work, has became very friendly; many hours of conversations in his workshop, very often…»
Miro studied at the famous art school in Barcelona, then entered the private academy of Francisco Gali, where he studied until 1915. After years of hard work, in 1918, his first personal exhibition was opened at the Barcelona gallery Dalmo, where 64 paintings and drawings were presented and didn`t leave the audience insensitive.
Miro visited Paris for the first time in 1920 where, then, he worked in a workshop on Rue Blomet, 45.
Miro made hundred and thirty paintings between 1925 and 1927. Most of them were untitled. “How do I come up with my drawings and ideas for them? Well, I used to come home to my studio in Paris, on Rue Blomet at night, went to bed and sometimes even didn`t have dinner. And I had visions, and I sketched them in my notebook. I saw images on the ceiling… “ — shared Joan Miro.
Empty space gained enormous significance for the artist, it was important for Miro to reach the maximum saturation with minimal effort. Dots, spots, broken and winding lines, a contrast of yellow, green, blue and purple tones can describe the results of Miro`s “hungry hallucinations.”
Swiss sculptor, painter and graphic artist Alberto Giacometti shared his impressions about Miro at the time, with whom he became close during his stay in Paris: “Miro was a symbol of freedom for me – he represented something more wild, free and light than any I have seen before.”
Exhibition “An Inception” at Altmans Gallery opens from 23 May to 25 June with the support of the Cervantes Institute. The entrance fee is 300 RUB.
About the Gallery The International gallery Altmans Gallery was founded by spouses Egor and Kristina Altman in November 2015. Today, the Altmans Galleries are in Tel-Aviv and Moscow. The gallery specializes in prints of famous artists of the XX century – Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Sony Delaunay, Takashi Murakami, Fernand Léger, Egon Schiele, Wassily Kandinsky, Yuri Norstein etc. at the price of 500 to 150,000 USD.
The gallery has been making a number of major exhibition projects. In spring 2016, the Altmans Gallery hosted the exhibition dedicated to the prints by Marc Chagall «My life.» It was for the first time within one exhibition that everyone could see Chagall`s graphics from the famous series ”Bible”, the antique stories, works dedicated to Paris, Vitebsk and children`s memories of the artist.
The Altmans Gallery hosted the jubilee exhibition of Yuri Norstein celebrated the 75th anniversary of the artist in the fall of 2016. More than 9,000 people visited the exhibition.
The Gallery opened the exhibition of Salvador Dali`s “Alice in Wonderland» celebrated the 185th anniversary of Lewis Carroll in the spring of 2017.
The exhibition of Pablo Picasso`s “Passion. Blood. Wine. Woman» was held in the autumn of 2017.
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